Several problems often encountered in outdoor lighting night scene lighting


Question 1: What is outdoor lighting at night?

Lighting night lighting includes indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Commonly used outdoor lighting night scene lighting includes park night scene lighting, architectural lighting, bridge night scene lighting, sculpture night scene lighting, plant lighting and so on.


Question 2: What is the classification of outdoor lighting night scene lighting?

Night lighting design can be divided into two types: reproduction and reconstruction. The lighting designer makes a choice on how to design. Such as reproduction lighting, the light source saturation is low, mainly in the color of the object. When retrofitting lighting, consider the high-purity light source, that is, the color of the light source.


Question 3: Why do you use outdoor lighting at night?


Good city night lighting design can beautify the city night scene, enhance the city night scene, and promote the development of city tourism and night economy. This has great social significance.


Question 4: What is the relationship between outdoor lighting and night scene lighting?

Nowadays, night scene lighting design is equivalent to lighting. Lighting designers should consider light and shade, which is a process of contrast. The black words on all sides, illuminating a ray of light of the goal, already felt clear. It really beautifies the city without light pollution.


Question 5: Is there any effect on the brightness of the reflection in the night scene?

Regarding this issue, Henan Bright Lighting believes that the brightness of night reflections is very important. The brightness of the light source is high and the spectrum does not match the night scene, resulting in low brightness of the reflected light. The brightness index cannot be used to evaluate the complexity, and the brightness of the landscape is related to the viewing angle. The luminaire has high luminous efficiency, large luminous flux and high natural brightness.

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