Those little knowledge about lighting that you don't know

When reading and working in the living room, I always feel that the light is not bright enough. Dressing up in the bathroom, the face is always dark and bright. Cooking ingredients, but he is the one who blocks the light. Why is it so miserable? Because you only installed ceiling lamps in the basic living room and kitchen, and fluorescent tubes in the bedroom, add a small table lamp if it is not enough-buy lamps according to this idea. The effect is also good, which can save money and useless at the same time.
1. Color temperature (unit: K) is the color change that human eyes can perceive under different energies of light waves. Take the flame as an example. The central flame with the highest temperature is blue, the middle is yellow and white, and the outer flame with the lowest temperature is orange-red. It can be seen that the colors corresponding to the low color temperature to the high color temperature are orange-red, white, and blue.
2. Color rendering (Ra) refers to the degree of color reproduction of an object under the light source, the highest color rendering under the sun, which is 100Ra. The light source with the full spectrum, the better the color rendering: Among artificial light, the color rendering of incandescent light is the best, and the color rendering of energy-saving lamps is relatively poor.
When you have drawing, design and other needs, the color reproduction degree of the light source is best to be above 80Ra.